The Skeptics’ Testament Episode 21

Welcome to episode 21 of The Skeptics’ Testament Podcast! This episode we answer a bunch of bible questions—Did the Exodus from Egypt happen? According to Paul, should women keep silent in church? We also discuss the Daniel 2 prophecy and more!


Twitter: @skeptestament

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2 responses to “The Skeptics’ Testament Episode 21

  1. daniel

    I love the podcast and can not wait for more discussions on philosophy. I have a very specific question regarding the figures you used for the exodus. Are these figures consistent with the book of numbers? If not, how do you explain the discrepancy? I have an idea but am not a scholar.I don’t want to poison the well as it were. Thanks very much for doing the show. I’ve learned a lot and have a greater respect for the texts.

    • njaybe

      Hi Daniel! :)

      As it turns out the Hebrew is the same word (אלף) from the root ‘lp and as i point out in the episode it can mean thousand (Numbers 3:50) or it can mean a group, clan etc. (Josh 22:14, Judges 6:15, 1 Sam 10:19, Mic 5:2). The context will decide. I am not great (or even good at Hebrew) so i welcome correction but as far as i can tell they can be made roughly consistent with Numbers 1:45.

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